• Skillet Green Beans with Gorgonzola

  • Potatoes with Peperoncino

    Patate Lessate con Diavolicchio

  • String Beans and Potatoes

    Fagiolini e patate in tegame

  • Toasted Bread in Savory Spinach Sauce

    Zuppa in Brodo Con Spinaci

  • Toasted Bread in a Savory Broth

    Zuppa di Brodo

  • Caramelized Tomatoes

    Pomodori Carmelizati

  • Skillet-Cooked Sweet Corn and Lima Beans

  • Skillet Cauliflower

  • Broccoli Rabe Braised with Garlic and Oil

    Cime di Rapa all’Aglio e Olio