Today's tip

Scallions are a delicious spring vegetable from the onion family.

Scallions are commonly referred to as green or spring onions. They do not develop a bulb like the onion but do have similar hollow, long leaves. They have a milder and less pungent flavor than mature onions but a bit stronger than chives. When buying scallions, look for dark green scallions that have a bright white root. The green ends of the scallions should be smooth and feel crisp, never limp. Avoid ones that look wilted, or have slimy spots along the green part of the plant. Scallions are delicious in salads, eaten raw, or grilled, boiled or braised.  I like adding them to pasta sauces, risottos or soups. Another great method of cooking this vegetable is to poach the scallion. I like using the white part as well as two-thirds of the green leaves, discarding only the tips, which may be tougher. To store them, wrap them in a paper towel and then a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator.