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Salads are always welcomed at a buffet table.

When celebrating in the spring or summer – or if you’re hosting vegetarian, pescatarian, or gluten-free friends – consider a salad party to make the most of the bounty of the season. You should feel free to throw in an extra ingredient or two to any of the salads included here, to make the dish more your own or to meet the preferences of your guests.

I like to set up a long buffet with several big bowls of different types of salad – something with leafy greens, a string-bean salad, a carrot salad, something with beans, a salad with fish, and a salad with cheese in it – all accompanied by lovely breads and grissini.

Salads are always welcomed at a buffet table, but do not dress them ahead of time. Wait until just before the party begins, and always split them into two bowls – dressing and serving one, so that when the first is finished you can dress and serve the second bowl.