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Learn more about Calabria, a southern region of Italy.

Calabria is in the most southern tip of the book, surrounded by five miles of coastline with beautiful turquoise water and pebble beaches. The region has a number of interesting features such as large mountains, from which one can go on wonderful nature walks on La Sila, the pristine beaches on both coasts of the region that become summer hotspots, and the archeological remains of the Greek Civilization, Magna Grecia, as is found on the coast between Catanzaro and Sibari.

Ciro` is a town for fun in the sun. With many beach clubs and daytime activities, Ciro` is overflowing during the summer months.

Reggio Calabria is one of the largest towns in Calabria. The Archeological Museum in Reggio Calabria is truly the best in the region, providing a good example of the Greek Civilization that occupied the area of Calabria.

Tropea, one of the most popular summer towns in Calabria, has a wonderful Cathedral, famous for its red onions and was one of the strongest and most important cities in Ancient Greece.