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michele1515 says
Easter Bread "Gallum"
Does anyone know what I am talking about. In South Florida noone knows. In NY everywhere. Am Trying to get receipe. Can anyone help me. Happy Easter

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by LimetimeTV on 05.06.13 1

Tosha says
St. Joseph's Fig Cookies
to windella and anyone else trying to find the recipe: The only place I could find it was on the TODAY SHOW website which posted it following Lidia's appearance on the show!

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by Tosha on 01.29.12 0

windella says
St. Joseph's Fig Cookies
I missed the first part of Lidia making St. Joseph's fig cookies this afternoon,they looked so good when finished,I'd love to have the recipe,anyone have the recipe?

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by jeanc11 on 03.03.12 2

markshields says
trying to find a similair recipe to my grandmothers spinach and raisen scoccia. my dads side of the family is irish and lost relations with my mothers italian side. my mom passed away 30 years ago and i can't find anyone who knows anything about scocciaadd your reply

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by markshields on 07.30.11 0

Jo says
Sesame Candy
I tried this recipe out of Lidia's latest cookbook. It tasted great but was totally the wrong texture. It turned out the texture of granola. There was no pouring and cutting it. What went wrong?

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by Jo on 07.06.11 0

GpaKen says
honey nut balls
add your replyI recently saw Lidia make a dessert. She heated honey and orange zest and later walnuts, then cooled, rolled into balls and coated w/more nuts. I can't find the recipe on the web site - can anyone help?

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by Jo on 07.07.11 1

downey says
Irish Stew & Chicken
I fixed irish stew & the meat came out falling apart but it was very very dry what did I do wrong? Then there is Chicken how hight heat to fry chicken & how long do you bake it & how hot the oven. Chicken I have never fixed & I am now 49 lol so please help me. Thanks for your time & help Jeff

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by downey on 05.31.11 0

jtuel says
allergic to red tomatoes but have replaced with yellow ones
I also live in a dry cabin here in Fairbanks Alaska so i have to hall water to cook with isn't a problem but it does limit things we can cook. i love watching your show it is very informational but I have some spices that don't agree with me and i want to know what is a good replacement for these items which there is a few. so i will just list the ones i have no problems with ok. cilantro, sage, mint, sea salt,green and red and yellow peppers, sesame seeds, onions,garlic mushrooms. that is all i can think of right now can you help me pick ones that would give the most benefit for my cooking if i where to take it to a party.

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by jtuel on 05.16.11 0

crquetzals says
Mango Basil Chicken
Dear Lidia, I have enjoyed your shows for several years on PBS. One of you first focused on one pot dishes. I loved the Orange Rosemary Salmon. I really wanted to use chicken, but Orange Rosemary chicken didn't work as well. I thought Mango and chicken sounded good, but not rosemary. That is when I thought...Bsil. It is one of my favorite dishes to make and I wanted to say thanks for having dishes that are easy and delicious. Dennis

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by crquetzals on 05.07.11 0

aelesak says
Homemade Sausage
Hi Lydia, My best friend makes her own sausage, and my favorite is made with raisins, apples, orange peel, and a little hot pepper. She says her family used to make it with liver as well, but she just uses ground pork now. I wanted to write down her recipe, but she doesn't know how to spell the name her family used. When I tried to google it, I got something obcene. I'll try to spell it phonetically the way that she says it. The first a is long and the second a is short. It sounds something like i-fa/gi-ta. Do you know anything about his sausage?

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by aelesak on 04.10.11 0

craftylady says

I can all summer long with fresh garden fruits,veggies and beans. When I have left over vegetables from a meal I either use them in a frittata or I make a vegetable soup adding a few more ingredients.

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by craftylady on 01.22.11 0

bas26 says
I live alone and often buy a rotisserie chicken. More often than, not, I don't finish it all so I cut off the legs and wings and wrap them separately to heat up later. I also remove the breast and use it to make chicken sandwiches with grilled squash and pesto on a kaiser roll (yum!). I use the carcass to make my own chicken broth which I freeze into ice cubes or for soup. If I'm feeling really ambitious, I might make individual chicken pot pies with the breast meat and the broth. This $5.00 chicken really goes a long way!

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by bas26 on 01.18.11 0

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