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Mamanuch says
A recipe
I just wanted to tell you that I had made the Chestnut and Lentil Soup. OMG! This was so good, my family went nuts over it. All I ever knew, is that you make the chestnuts in the oven and thats all. Wow, was I supprised. I told all my relativies and freinds. Thank you

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by Mamanuch on 12.27.11 0

boldcaught says
The committment restated
I have lost the words, can anyone provide the committment? Thank you all for being such loyal followers of Lidia!

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by LidiaB on 03.02.11 1

blsmyself says
Using up greens - put them in soup!
I've found that greens - those leftover spinach leaves, leaf lettuce, the outside leaves of romaine, etc - are really good in any tomato-based soup or noodle soup. I cut or tear them into small pieces, put them in the soup bowl, then pour the hot soup on top and wait a minute or two. The hot soup 'melts' them, but they don't cook too much, so they add texture and flavor to the soup. Best of all, since you don't add them until you need them, they don't get overcooked and ugly! My son loves this, and it helps get green things into him, as well as using up all the small bits that might otherwise go bad. (If you microwave the soup, add the greens after it's hot, stir, and heat just a little more time.)

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by blsmyself on 01.24.11 0

jb723 says
Cooking for one
I live alone and don't always eat all I prepare. When I have vegetables left over it is just a small amount and not enough for another meal, so I save the leftover portion in a plastic container and keep it in the freezer. Each time I have a small portion leftover I add it to the container. When the container is full it makes a delicious soup with very little else to add. Always different and always good and best of all NO waste.

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by jb723 on 01.17.11 0

prehn says
Downsizing a recipe: What to do with ingredients not fully utilized in a recipe?
As I read the Jan newsletter, it occurred to me that it would be really nice to have these recipes with fewer portions AND to have suggested alternative recipes to use those ingredients that don't get fully utilized on the first dish in something else. It would cause me to waste less. Lidia...Can you help?

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by prehn on 01.17.11 0

judithma says
enter topic
add your reply We had no choice but to be frugal and creative when I grew up. I learned so much from my Mom and resolve to use that knowledge to convert my friends to a more responsible way of being a foodie!

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by judithma on 01.10.11 0

kristin says
Waste Not and Prosper
It Hurts to through food away. At home I work hard to buy what I need, use what I buy.. For many recipes I Love to cook extra so i am certain to have leftovers. In our family we love leftovers. I save leftovers and turn them into snacks, dips, soups, or if there is enough I freeze for later meals.

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by kristin on 01.10.11 0

wvtallchic says
...so many ways to use the un-useable
I freeze, can, and use. Leftovers are made into individual lunch boxes, most of which can be frozen, and taken for lunches. Buying the pre-packaged lunches in the store is what I find wasteful, especially when you can make those things at home for free. Broccoli stalks coated with cornmeal and pepper and fried in butter makes an excellent side dish, and even leftover mashed potatoes are renewed for tomorrow's meal by adding some hot chicken broth from the freezer, a little extra butter, and whipping them all over again. Even as frugal as my family taught me to be and I am already, I've learned a lot reading these posts. I too use all of the turkey but the 'cluck', but I've never used a baggie to collect vegetables in the freezer for a soup or stew later. I like that. In addition to the freezing and canning I already do, that tip alone will save my household some waste.

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by wvtallchic on 01.09.11 0

peewee72 says
enter topic
great idea! glad to see I am not the on;y one who hates waste. I make a list every sunday of what we will eat for the week,I then go in my fridge to see what i need for my list. We eat lft overs so that is great. Stale bread i cut up and dry then put them in the food pro for breadcrumbs.Sauce,stocks,soups go in jars in the freezer.when i see my celery and carrots about to die soon i cut it and freeze them as well because i will grind them finely to do my sofritto for sauces and so on.The freezer is your friend.

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by peewee72 on 01.06.11 0

corhorvath says
I'm in!
This is a fabulous idea! We try our best to shop for one week's worth of groceries and then eat everything that's fresh during the week. We can get pretty close to cooking all of our food but we throw out lots of leftovers and we don't always cook what we have. Having a compost has been my crutch - but no longer!! I'm in. This is a great resolution. My only other resolution is to not eat processed foods. These two resolutions work together beautifully!

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by corhorvath on 01.06.11 0

blsmyself says
Freezer tip
It IS hard to make less, especially when your favorite recipes make enough for four or more. When I do make a big pot of something, I freeze it (in individual servings), and then put it on my calendar, choosing random days anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months out, far enough that the dish will seem new again. When I'm getting ready for the day and see "pumpkin-mushroom soup" on the schedule, it's easy to pull it out and know dinner is happily defrosting while I'm busy. Helps me avoid the 'freezer Bermuda Triangle' syndrome!

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by blsmyself on 01.05.11 0

saravan says
buy and make less
My household has also downsized but I haven't gotten the hang of buying and cooking for one. I make a lot of food thinking that the leftovers will be used for lunch and quick meals but sometimes that doesn't happen. I commit to buy less perishable food items, to plan a menu for the week and then buy what I need for those meals. I also need to stop impulse buying and stick to my meal plan and shopping list.

posted in Commit With Lidia This...last discussed by saravan on 01.05.11 0

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