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sticksinthemud says
Pasta made with zucchini?
Hi, My mom watches this show and swears that she saw and episode where Lidia made pasta with zucchini, fontina cheese, and some other things. It was green. I have read all the episode descriptions for 3 years and I've looked through all 45 pages of recipes and I cannot find a recipe like this. Can anyone help?! Many thanks in advance.

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by sticksinthemud on 02.15.12 0

gemmajay says
Rigatoni and Lentils
We eat this dish at least once a week. The lentils are a great substitute for meat and the sauce is out of this world. My yorkie goes crazy when it's cooking on the stove. Che profuma!

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by gemmajay on 09.27.11 0

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posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by on 05.12.11 0

twotreeses says
Hot Stuff from Basilicata
I am trying to find the recipe for the bucatini pasta with pepperoncini sauce,garlic and toasted bread crumbs that I saw on TV 4/2/2011. Can anyone help? Thanks.

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by ericvancleave on 08.26.11 4

6261600 says
Pasta with Chickpeas
I was watching the show and you did a wonderful easy pasta dish with chickpeas, panchetta, spinach, I searched your website for the recipe but couldn't find it I would love to get the recipe for it.

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by 6261600 on 03.19.11 0

kdeegee says
ravioli dish
a few weeks ago i was watching lydia on TLN and she was making ravioli using gnocchi dough. It looked delicious and would really like to obtain the receipe. i am willing to purchase the book that contains the recipe just dont know which one.

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by jponikvar on 12.15.11 1

Hello Happy! First letter in the careful forum
Hi everyone, Uncommonly good to see u in this topic My legitimate mention is Truong ^^ Sharing is appealing, right?

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by on 01.15.11 0

Post number 021 on www.wastedfood.com
Hola la pregunta Гљtil Miato

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by on 01.09.11 0

mm55wair says
Tagliatelle with White Meat Sauce
Hi. I would love to find the recipe for Tagliatelle with White Meat Sauce from Lidia's November 22, 2010 show. Can anyone help?? Thank you! Mary

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by peewee72 on 01.06.11 1

esilac says
Pasta & sausage
I enjoy a good dish of pasta with sausage, spinach, and cannellini beans!

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by esilac on 10.21.10 0

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