Today's tip

Buying seasonal and local is best.

Good cooking is primarily based on the quality of the ingredients. The better, and not necessarily the more expensive, the ingredients you cook with, the better the final outcome will be. Just because an ingredient is more expensive, doesn’t mean it is better.

Buying seasonal and local is best. The food tastes better, it is more economical, and the food has traveled less, so it is less altered for preservation during traveling. Shopping and cooking seasonally will make your cooking taste better.

Always wash your produce and use all your senses when buying it. Do not prep produce far in advance of when you will be cooking with it – it can oxidize and become discolored and lose some of its aromas, nutrients, and freshness.

Store produce properly: onions and potatoes must stay in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate items such as broccoli, or spinach, and try not to refrigerate items such as tomatoes. Fresh herbs should be stored in a damp towel, or in a vase with water, like flowers. Allow fruit to ripen naturally at room temperature, or in a brown paper bag, which speeds up the process.