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The way you set your table is indicative of the mood and setting you want to create for your event.

Whether the event is formal or casual, it is always important to set the table properly. You may want to start with a charger plate underneath the dinner plate if it is a truly elegant affair. This is followed by the plate for the next plated course, such as  soup or pasta. Choose a favorite napkin fold, and place it directly on or to the right of the plate. The knife goes on the right, with the cutting edge facing inward, and the spoon to the right of the knife. The forks go on the left, with the fork first to be used the farthest away from the plate and the main- course fork next to it. The dessert fork or spoon is brought to the table just before dessert is served, fork left, spoon right. There are some variations, particularly if you have an antipasto knife or a fish fork and knife.

Glasses are placed toward the right of the plate, at about two o’clock, with the bigger, red- wine glass the farther from the plate, then the smaller, white-wine glass closer to the plate, which will be used first, and then the water glass next to the white-wine glass.

A table well set is a clear indication to your guests that you are pleased and excited to have them and that you look forward to cooking for and eating with them.