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There are endless uses for the lemon.

There are endless uses for the lemon. The juice is high in acidity and is used for cocktails and lemonade, as well as in marinades for fish, a tenderizer for meats, and as a flavoring agent for grilled fish and meat. Because of its acidity, lemon juice is also used as a preservative for fish, meats and fruits. The rind and zest are used for their aromatic oils and flavor in baking and cooking, such as in osso buco or roast chicken, and for making chutney and preserves. The aromatic lemon of choice in the States is the Meyer lemon; in Italy, the Sorrento lemon is a favorite, from which good limoncello is made. When buying lemon, always look for a specimen that is plump, full of juice, and not soft or shriveled. In cooking with the lemon zest, try to avoid the white pithy part, which is bitter.